Kenneth Burchell Appraisal Associates offers independent professional appraisal and expertise with nearly 50 years experience in all aspects of the gem and jewelry profession. Credentials include Graduate Gemologist (GIA G.G.), academic doctorate (Ph.D. History), American Society of Jewelry Historians (ASJH), and Accredited Master Gemologist (AGA). See link just below the banner on why an *independent* appraiser is important to you or your clients.

* Appraisal and gemological services.
* Fine and antique jewelry, time-pieces and gems.
* Diamond grading.
* Gem identification.
* Damage or Post Loss Assessment.
* Estate and Probate Appraisals.
* Appraisals for Liquidation, Resale, Divorce, Donation.
* Litigation Support – Expert Witness.
* Consultation.
* Public speaking on jewelry and gem related topics.
* Concierge services available to your home, office or bank vault.

In addition to appraisal of fine and vintage jewelry and gems, Dr. Burchell is a published historian and university lecturer available for classrooms, conventions, service organizations, libraries and other venues on history and lore of gems, geological and gemological science or on a wide range of historical subjects, but especially Thomas Paine, the Early American Republic, and the history of democratic-republican reform and transatlantic equal-rights.

Professional Associations:

Association of Independent Jewelry Valuers (AIJV)

National Association of Jewelry Appraisers (NAJA)

GIA Alumni Association (GIA)

American Society of Jewelry Historians (ASJH)

Organization of American Historians (OAH)

American Historical Association (AHA)


Private individuals, insurance industry, financial institutions, legal profession, law enforcement, government, and the jewelry trade.


Kenneth W. (Ken) Burchell


email: paineite at g mail daht com


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